Cameron: Increase the personal allowance to £12,500 by 2020

"Through the Parliament, we will make sure the personal tax threshold is raised to £12,500."
Launching the Conservative manifesto in April 2015, David Cameron promised: “By 2020 we will have raised [the personal allowance] to £12,500 – making sure no-one on the Minimum Wage who works 30 hours a week pays any income tax on their wages.”

Mr Cameron added: “We are going to legislate that as the Minimum Wage rises – the basic tax-free allowance is automatically uprated too. You heard that right.”

“If Conservatives are in Government, we will change the law so that no-one earning the Minimum Wage will pay income tax … Yes: the tax-free Minimum Wage.”

From the Conservative manifesto: “Our commitment to you: increase the tax-free Personal Allowance to £12,500. We will take everyone earning less than £12,500 out of Income Tax altogether and pass a law to ensure we have a Tax-Free Minimum Wage in this country.”

Mr Cameron first announced this policy at the Conservative Party conference in October 2014: “With us, if you work 30 hours a week on minimum wage you will pay no income tax at all. Nothing. Zero. Zilch.”


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