Clegg: Eliminate the deficit by 2017/18

"We will eliminate the current structural budget deficit within 3 years."
Launching his party’s manifesto in April 2015, Nick Clegg said: “This manifesto is a plan to finish the job of balancing the books and to do so fairly.”

From the Liberal Democract 2015 manifesto: “Promise of more: Finish the job of balancing Britain’s books by April 2018.”

“We will eliminate the remaining £27 billion deficit on the structural current budget within 3 years (by the financial year 2017-18) through a combination of £12 billion in departmental savings, £3 billion in welfare savings, £5 billion in tax rises and £7 billion in reduced tax avoidance.”


Fix the deficit - Manifesto 2015 (

Economy - Manifesto 2015 (

Liberal Democrats Manifesto At A Glance (Sky News)

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