Farage: Control our borders

"UKIP will: take back control of our borders; put a five-year moratorium on immigration for unskilled workers; introduce an Australian-style points based system."
Launching UKIP’s election campaign in March 2015, Nigel Farage said: “Control of our borders, that’s what people want.”

Mr Farage added: “We are making immigration the central part of our general election campaign.”

This pledge, along with four other key campaign promises, was featured on the “Pledge to Britain” card presented at a London launch event and posted on the @UKIP Twitter account.

From the UKIP 2015 Manifesto: “UKIP will limit highly-skilled work visas to 50,000 per annum, including those from the EU, and apply a moratorium to unskilled and low-skilled labour over the course of the next parliament.”


General Election 2015: No room for the word 'immigration' on Nigel Farage's five-point pledge card but plenty of room for his face (Independent.co.uk)

UKIP Election Manifesto 2015 (UKIP.org)

Nigel Farage: immigration has left Britain almost unrecognisable (TheGuardian.com)

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