Farage: Say NO to the EU

"UKIP believes British citizens should have an in/out referendum on our membership of the EU."
Annoucing UKIP’s key manifesto pledge in March 2015, Nigel Farage said: “I want a full and fair referendum to be held in 2015 to allow Britons to vote on being in or out of the European Union.”

Speaking at the London launch event, the UKIP leader added: “We are the only party in this campaign saying Britain should have a trade relationship with Europe, but not membership of the European Union.”

The full “Pledge to Britain” card containing the party’s five key campaign promises was also posted on the @UKIP Twitter account.

Earlier that day, Mr Farage told Good Morning Britain that there was still time for a EU referendum in 2015: “There’s no reason we can’t have it this year… We’ve got loads of time…we’re still in March, there’s plenty of time to do this.”


Election 2015: Nigel Farage launches UKIP pledges (BBC News)

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UKIP Election Manifesto 2015 (UKIP.org)

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