Osborne: Freeze working-age benefits for two years

"So I can tell you this today, working age benefits will have to be frozen for two years."
Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in September 2014, George Osborne said: “We will provide a welfare system that is fair to those who need it and fair to those who pay for it, too.”

“The fairest way to reduce welfare bills is to make sure that benefits are not rising faster than the wages of the taxpayers who are paying for them.”

Mr Osborne added: “This freeze on working age benefit saves the country over £3 billion.”

From the Conservative manifesto: “We will freeze working age benefits for two years from April 2016, with exemptions for disability and pensioner benefits – as at present – as well as maternity allowance, statutory maternity pay, statutory paternity pay, statutory adoption pay and statutory sick pay.”


George Osborne proposes two year benefits freeze (BBC News)

The Conservative Party Manifesto 2015 (Conservatives.com)

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