Sturgeon: SNP will never put the Tories into government

"If there is a hung parliament, SNP MPs will vote to stop a Tory government even getting off the ground."
Launching the SNP manifesto in April 2015, Nicola Sturgeon promised: “We will not do any deals that would put the Tories into power.”

Speaking in Edinburgh less than three weeks before the election, the SNP leader added: “Indeed, if there is an anti-Tory majority after May 7th, we will vote to stop a Tory government even getting off the ground.”

Addressing the Scottish Trades Union Congress the next day, Ms Sturgeon reaffirmed her promise: “The SNP will never, ever, ever in a month of Sundays support a Tory government.”

Ms Sturgeon first made this pledge when addressing the SNP party conference in March 2015: “I call on Labour, today, to match that pledge – to make clear that if Labour and the SNP combined have more seats than the Tories, they will join forces with us in a vote of confidence to lock David Cameron out of Downing Street.”


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Ms Sturgeon denied that she had told the French ambassador she wanted Mr Cameron to stay as PM (The Guardian)


During the BBC Election Debate, Mr Miliband rejected Ms Sturgeon's offer to "work with him to replace the Tories" (Sky News)


We are monitoring a related promise made by Ed Miliband: "No coalition with the SNP" (Link)

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