Cameron: Build 200,000 Starter Homes in England by 2020

"Through the Parliament, we will make sure 200,000 Starter Homes are built."
In a speech in Colchester in March 2015, David Cameron promised: “We will build more homes that people can afford, including new Starter Homes exclusively for first-time buyers.”

Mr Cameron confirmed this pledge in April 2015, as he launched his party’s 2015 election manifesto.

From the Conservative manifesto: “We will build 200,000 quality Starter Homes over the course of the next Parliament, reserved for first-time buyers under 40 and sold at 20 per cent below the market price.”


Cameron promises 200,000 starter homes if Tories win election (BBC News)

David Cameron speech: Conservative Party manifesto launch (

The Conservative Party Manifesto 2015 (

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