Cameron: Freeze rail fares for five years

"If elected in May, we would freeze them in real terms for the next five."
David Cameron announced this pledge in April 2015, adding: “The cost of commuting is one of the biggest household bills that hardworking families face and it is something we are determined to bear down on.”

Mr Cameron reaffirmed his promise as he launched the Conservative election manifesto the following week: “Through the Parliament, we will make sure rail fares are frozen for five years.”

From the Conservative manifesto: “We will keep commuter rail fares frozen in real terms for the whole of the next Parliament – regulated fares will only be able to rise by Retail Price Inflation, and train operating companies will not have any flexibility to raise ticket prices above this.”


Tories To Freeze Train Fares For Five Years (Sky News)

David Cameron speech: Conservative Party manifesto launch (

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How rail fares could rise despite the promised freeze (

Will this promise be kept?
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