Clegg: Increase NHS spending by at least £8bn a year

"Quality healthcare for all, with an extra £8 billion pounds for the NHS."
Nick Clegg unveiled this pledge as one of his party’s “top priorities” at the Liberal Democrat manifesto launch in April 2015.

From the 2015 election manifesto: “Promise of more: deliver the £8bn England’s NHS needs, with money for Scotland, Wales & NI too.”

“The Liberal Democrats will increase NHS spending by at least £8 billion a year by 2020.”


Health - 2015 Manifesto (

£8bn for the NHS - 2015 Manifesto (

Liberal Democrats Manifesto At A Glance (Sky News)



Clegg: "We won't join a Government that refuses to commit to giving the NHS the money it needs. So this is a red line for us." (

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