Clegg: Invest £3.5bn in mental health

"If elected, the Liberal Democrats would spend £3.5 billion more on mental health care in England over the next parliament."
Commenting on the release of his party’s “Manifesto for the Mind” in March 2015, Nick Clegg said: “As this document sets out, in Government again, we will continue to put mental health front and centre of the political debate.”

“We are the first party to put equality for people with mental health problems on the front page of our full General Election manifesto.”

The £3.5 billion pledge represents an additional £2.25 billion on top of the £1.25 billion over five years announced in March’s coalition budget.


Liberal Democrats will invest £3.5bn in mental health (

Nick Clegg promises £120m boost for mental health care waiting time targets (The Guardian)

Liberal Democrats pledge an extra £3.5 billion for mental health (The King's Fund)

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