Clegg: No post-election deal with the SNP or UKIP

"I totally rule out any arrangements with the SNP - in the same way I rule out any arrangements with UKIP."
In an interview with the Financial Times in April 2015, Nick Clegg said: “There is no meeting point for me with one party that basically wants to pull our country to bits and another party that wants us to pull out of the EU.”

The Liberal Democrat leader added: “I would never recommend to the Liberal Democrats that we help establish a government which is basically on a life support system, where Alex Salmond could pull the plug any time he wants. No, no, no.”


Clegg dismisses any coalition deal with Labour involving SNP (FT)

Election 2015: Coalition must not be held hostage - Clegg (BBC News)



We are monitoring a related promise by Ed Miliband: "No coalition with the SNP" (Link)


We are monitoring a related promise by Nigel Farage: "No coalition deal without EU Referendum" (Link)

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