Miliband: Abolish the ‘Non-Dom’ tax status

“The next Labour government will abolish the non-dom rule."
Ed Miliband made this promise during his speech at the University of Warwick in April 2015.

Mr Miliband confirmed his pledge as he launched the Labour manifesto the following week: “We’ll do something that no other government has done for over 200 years. We’ll say enough is enough to the people who live here, work here, send their kids to school here, but don’t want to pay taxes here like everyone else. And abolish the “non-dom” rule.”

From the Labour manifesto 2015: “We will abolish non-dom status so that all those who make the UK their home pay tax in the same way as the rest of us.”


Miliband: Labour will abolish non-dom status (

“Britain can be better” – the full text of Miliband’s manifesto launch speech (

Labour Party Manifesto 2015 (

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