Miliband: Introduce a Mansion Tax on houses worth over £2ml

"We are going to have a mansion tax on the most expensive homes above 2ml."
Appearing on the ITV Leaders’ Debate in April 2015, Ed Miliband said: “I will have he mansion tax… That’s a clear promise from us.”

Mr Miliband reaffirmed his promise as he launched his party’s manifesto: “It’s right to ask those who can to pay a little bit more… [with] a mansion tax on the most expensive properties, worth over £2 million.”

From the Labour manifesto 2015: “A Mansion Tax on properties worth over £2 million… The threshold for the Mansion Tax will rise in line with house prices for these high-value properties, and those on lower incomes will be protected with a right to defer the charge until the property changes hands.”


“Britain can be better” – the full text of Miliband’s manifesto launch speech (

Labour Party Manifesto 2015 (

ITV Leaders' Debate (

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