Miliband: No Labour government if it means a deal with SNP

"I'm not going to have a Labour government if it means deals or coalitions with the SNP."
Appearing on BBC Question Time in April 2015, Ed Miliband said: “If the price of having a Labour government was having a deal or a coalition with the SNP – it’s not going to happen.”

The Labour leader added: “I’m not going to sacrifice the future of our country, the unity of our country, I’m not going to give in to SNP demands around Trident, around the deficit or anything like that.”

“I’ve been asked about lots of different kinds of deals – coalition, what they call confidence and supply where you have an arrangement – I’m not doing that.”

Mr Miliband has previously pledged Labour would not go into coalition government with the SNP and ruled out other, less formal, arrangements.


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