Osborne: Provide £8bn more a year for the NHS

"We will commit to a minimum real terms increase in NHS funding of £8bn in the next five years.”
Writing in the Guardian in April 2015, George Osborne pledged “absolute committment to the NHS”, saying “today we commit to deliver what the NHS needs.”

David Cameron confirmed this pledge as he launched his party’s 2015 manifesto the following week: “We will make sure there is £8 billion more a year for our NHS.”

From the Conservative manifesto: “Our commitment to you: we will spend at least an additional £8 billion by 2020 over and above inflation to fund and support the NHS’s own action plan for the next five years.”


The Conservatives will plug the NHS funding gap (The Guardian)

David Cameron speech: Conservative Party manifesto launch (Conservatives.com)

The Conservative Party Manifesto 2015 (Conservatives.com)

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